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This is a guide to anyone who is destruction lock or wants to make one, or is looking to change specs, I mean obviously this is for those destro locks out there so why am I explaining this to you.
We will be going over many different things, such as: What we as destro excell at, Artifact traits, Stat Priority, Rotation,and Talents.

So as destruction, what are we good for? other than classes lock cookies and gates, and the obviously "dealing damage you dps pleb." We are really good at single target/cleave, we love fighting 2 at a time, we can be good at 3 target cleave, as with 3 immolates up we get a lot of shards, however we can't havoc against 3 targets, so 2 is our primary number, however single target is just as good. With that being said, we are NOT good at aoe, espcially against aoe fights involving little adds that die quickly, we can spec talents to make us a little more effective at aoe, however if the fight demands it, you may just want to be a different spec for that style of aoe.

This can be a little tricky as we have two really good golden traits, and one mediocre one. the two really good ones are: Dimension Ripper, and Conflagration of Chaos. I myself have both of these traits, however I started by going towards Dimension Ripper first, why? We will discuss rotation soon, however the short answer is because, we don't want to cast incinerate, it's a filler spell that it just raw damage, no other thing to it, so casting it as little as possible is great. Dimension Ripper makes our incinerate have a 5% chance to give us a charge of our artifact ability, Dimensional Rift, which is powerful, plus the traits just before dimension ripper are Chaos Bolt related, HUGE traits: Soulsnatcher, which gives our CB"s a chance to refund shards, and chaotic instability, which gives it more damage. So I recommend going for Dimension ripper first, and Conflagration of Chaos next.

Haste > Intellect > Critical Strike > Versatility > Mastery. Some people such as myself dont care about the haste, intel, crit thing and just say Haste > Critical strike, because all the gear we use will have intellect one it, and it's the stats on the gear we need to look at. The only exception is trinkets, we destro locks got lucky with trinkets during Emerald Nightmare, as the first two bosses , well if Il'gynoth is our second boss, give us our BiS trinkets. Nythendra drops the Swarming Plaguehive, which is a haste trinket that can apply a dot that is almost as good as our immolate dot, so it's a big deal. Il'gynoth drops our second BiS trinket, the Wriggling Sinew, which is a crit trinket that has a use, it's on use gives us 10 stacks of a buff, and each spell we cast applies one of those buffs onto the target we are attacking, and when all stacks are transfered, each one deals 53k+ damage to the target, depending on how powerful you got the trinket.

Our rotation is, 3 seconds before pull, precast Chaos Bolt, we used to only have 1 shard at all times, but all locks now have a standard of 3, so Precast CB, then apply immolate TWICE, yes, twice, if you cast immolate on your target, it puts the dot for 18 seconds up on the target, however casting it again brings the dot up to 25 seconds, so you have more time to focus on casting more damaging abilities before you have to reapply immolate. After that, cast one charge on your conflagration, this will allow you to cast a chaos bolt, if rng is in your favor you will end up with spare shards, if not, you used all your shards, either way, after doing that, cast all 3 of your artifact weapon charges and hopefully during your casting of those 3, immolate has produced some shards for you to use, then you will want to cast your second charge of conflagration and just cast conflagration, dimentional rip, and chaos bolt on cooldown/whenever you have 2 shards. As i said before, incinerate is filler, when you have nothing else to cast because your immolate has a long time remaining, no charges left on conflagration, and not enough shards to chaos bolt, then you cast incinerate until you can cast one of those other 3 main abilities, if you're like me and when with the trait Dimensional Ripper, these incinerates will help you get charges of your artifact ability, which means you can cast that instead of casting another incinerate, again, cast incinerate as LITTLE as possible.

Our talents are pretty obvious, with a few exceptions. i will go over each tier of talents and explains.
Tier 1: Backdraft, Roaring Blaze, Shadowburn
Currently, the best talent of these overall is Backdraft, at the beginning of legion is was Roaring Blaze, so you may see a few destro locks with this talent, however at the beginning of legion is was 60% of our immolate damage, now it's only 25%, so it's heavily nerfed. Backdraft allows you to cast chaos bolt's alot faster, and also cast incinerate faster, which means if you took that dimentional ripper trait, means more charges of your artifact ability, a win for all sides! Shadowburn is good on adds where we focus down certain adds instead of being a heavy aoe fight, Shadowburn I find excells at the Il'gynoth fight, where we are dps'ing 1-3 adds at a time.
Tier 2: Reverse Entropy, Cataclysm, Mana Tap
Reverse Entropy is without a doubt the best talent in this tier, you use this talent or you are wrong, it allows our CB's to give us back mana, and reduces CB's cast time naturally, this allows us to focus less of our global cooldowns on life tap to get mana back, which means more dps. Cataclysm can be taken for more aoe intense fights, like Shadowburn, Cataclysm is a great talent choice for Il'gynoth. Mana tap...ew, this talent...not worth it, 25% of our current mana for only 10% extra damage? on paper it seems nice, but then you have to spend global cooldowns on casting it, and then casting life tap to get mana back, so you actually lose dps with this talent because at certain points, you're casting nothing, mana tap is garbage.
Tier 3: Demon Skin, Mortal Coil, Shadowfury
All of these talents are survival talents, so the best one is Demon Skin, allowing us to get a higher absorb shield, faster, it's just a great talent, the best one currently. Mortal coil is ok, unlike previous expansions it was in, it turns out you have to fear the target in order for it to heal, instead of healing even if they are immune, so boss fights especially, this talent is useless because it wont fear and wont heal. Shadowfury is garbage, again, if a target is immune to stun it's useless, and stunning for 4 seconds is nice, but read the fine print, at a 30 second cd, that means for 26 seconds you have a useless talent, unlike demon skin which is a natural passive, and shadowfury has a cast time! Yeah! blizz gave it a cast time, of 1.5 seconds, lower with haste, but still, the fact you have to cast this makes it not worth, the reason it was good before legion was because it was instant, but now it's not good.
Tier 4: Eradtication, Fire and Brimstone, Soul Harvest.
Eradication is currently the best talent, your chaos bolts making your target(s) take extra damage is insane, especially when combined with havoc where both targets will be eradicated, literally. Fire and Brimestone is garbage, ok during aoe, but garbage none the less, it only applies to incinerate, the spell you want to cast the least, so yeah...bad talent. Soul harvest is ok, nice extra cooldown, it's really good during aoe fights when combined with cataclysm. So if you spec'd cataclysm from tier 2 for an aoe fight, be sure not to forget this soul harvest talent also.
Tier 5: Demonic Circle, Burning Rush, Dark Pact
Currently the best talent is dark pact as it has great survival, even when you use you imp as your pet. However the nest best talent, and better in some cases, is demonic circle, the personal teleport can be good for some fights, Il'gynoth, and the Dragons of Nightmare are good examples. On Il'gynoth, if you have your personal portal outside the heart, you are able to get more damage on the hreat before you have to run out like everyone else, you can just teleport out, be careful though, don't be greedy and get yourself killed. The Dragons of Nightmare are another great boss for this talent, as it allows you to teleport between the two bosses to apply your havoc when needed, saving you running time, just don't get stunned. Burning rush is ok...dealing damage to yourself for extra speed is alright, however this talent has always been considered one of the least powerful movement helping abilities, better to just use dark pact/demonic circle.
Tier 6: Grimoire of Supremacy, Service, and Sacrifice.
Supremacy is currently the best when leveling, but not so good once you hit max level, also a good adventuring talent, and again, not good during raids. Service is currently the best one, at 1.5 minute cooldown, it's essentially a trinket proc for an extra imp that deals 100% extra damage, plus imps deal 50% extra damage to targets affected by your immolate, so every 1.5 minutes you get a 150% extra damage trinket imp, insane dps increase. Sacrifice is essentially garbage, really not that effective, because we aren't really built for aoe, however this is one of the talents you can spec into for aoe needs, however this one way for this talent to be useful is for it to be heavy aoe, Il'gynoth is currently the only fight this is ok on, but even then I prefer service, because when we single target the heart, service will be better than sacrifice.
Tier 7: Wreak Havoc, Channel Demonfire, Soul Conduit
Soul conduit is the best talent so far, just being able to have your chaos bolts refund a soul shard is a massive dps increase as it allows the use of more CB's sooner. Wreak Havoc is good for fights with cleave againts bosses, while normally we cleave a boss/add or add/add so they die quickly, fights like The Dragons of Nightmare where we are cleaving boss/boss this wreak havoc talent is HUGE dps. Sadly the Dragons of NIghtmare is the only fight I have found a use for it, but it is a big use at that. Channel Demonfire is...ok, again, another aoe talent htat is medicore at best, the damage really isn't that good per bolt, and even then it's only most effective at aoe fights where you spec'd into cataclysm, but the biggest downfall is that it's channeled, which can be bad because we want to be casting our single target/cleave stuff, an aoe channel like this removes that.

And there is the Legion Destro Lock dps guide. I pray that RNGesus be with you and give you many good procs.

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